Gregor Finger

Currently making ordinary objects, the most advanced spatial product design app.

Previously: Spatial Computing Lead at Bakken&Bæck, Creative Technologist (XR) at IXDS -now PwC- *, Creative Technologist at PCH Innovations

He spend three years as design lead of a team of various sizes in close collaboration with IKEA on the succesor of IKEA Place. At Bakken&Bæck, he had the chance do a lot of R&D with SPACE10. He has worked on projects about the future of mobility for BMW, IAV Automotive Engineering, Hamburger Hochbahn and Hardt Hyperloop. He has been part of advertising projects for Audi and Philips Light during his time at Nerdindustries. While studying at FHWS and UdK Berlin his curiosity for the human spatial perception and the subjective reality was reflected in his works. He is fascinated by space and time travel.

Some other fun things. My Masters project and fun exploration in the New Media class at UdK Berlin or my Bachelors project at FG Würzburg.

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